Boost the knowledge with Open Mail

Getting feedback in private channels doesn't help anybody but you. Asking everyone creates a mess. Ask the right questions to the right people and make the conversation public.

this is an open mail image to describe how people discuss

The new era of the communication

Open Mail describes the new era of communication by making it public with high standards. It works by asking for the right information from the right people in public while it does not aim to be a new social media platform.


Every mail is completely open to read for everyone so that everybody can learn from conversations. This is the description of how science works for many years.


You may ask your question directly to only the right interlocutor to get the best answer. You don`t have to get a wrong opinion from insufficient expertise.


Inappropriate discussions or jokes are not something people want to get. We need qualified discussions to improve an idea.


People should be able to continue to discuss an idea to achieve to get the deepest point. Ideas can stand on the shoulders of giants.


An article just describes one side`s ideas. Discussion on arguments is the way of discovering. No idea can ever be consummated.


People think by writing. Talking about ideas is just the explanation of what we thought before and so we have to write to develop ideas.


You may create many benefits for yourself by just using Open Mail.

people asking for feedback with completely open for everyone, an open mail example
Show Your Vision

Private emails are secret between you and the other person. Nobody can know that what kind of expert you are on something. But you may lead the way.

Testimonial Collection

You may have real proof of your testimonials by asking them for a review of your product via Open Mail. Everybody sees what people think about your product.

Recorded History

All conversations would be recorded and opened to the public. So that you will have a recorded history of your expertise.

Community Contribution

You may create new ideas around a community to improve its strength. Be more open and embrace discussions.